Pat Rosenberg

Pat Rosenberg
Support Staff

Patricia Bronson Rosenberg is known as Grandma Pat to the children of Trinity Lutheran School, and this loving nickname is well deserved.

Pat, one of six sisters, was born and raised in Racine and met her husband, Roger, at Horlick High School. Together they had three children and were also blessed with six granddaughters. Pat is proud of her family.

Mrs. Rosenberg has devoted herself to grade-school children for many years, first at St. John’s Lutheran School and now at Trinity. She is most interested in the children’s spiritual well-being as she tutors them and helps with classroom activities. 

When Pat is available, she assists in the 4K classroom with whatever they are doing. She often cleans up the room and is always generous with the children at party time. The students love Grandma Pat and ask about her when she isn’t with them. Pat also tutors third graders in math.

Besides being with the kids (her first love), Pat volunteers at the Thrift Shop, exercises regularly,  and has, in the past, visited shut-ins for the church. 

Mrs. Rosenberg claims to be getting older, but that is hard to believe! Her service is youthful and exuberant. Even with the health issues she has faced, Pat gratefully admits that God has brought her through and continues to hold her in His hands. Amen to that. 

Pat is continually encouraged by her confirmation verse, Psalm 46:1. 

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.