Church Attendance Will Be Up This Weekend
2013.05.07 14:10:20

Yep, Mother's Day is this weekend.  I even got my mom a card.  It says "Good mom's let their children lick the beaters."  Then you open the card and inside it says, "Great mom's turn the mixer off first."  I thought it was funny.


Anyway, we usually see an increase in attendance on Mother's Day.  Son's and daughter's want to keep mom happy on her special day.  Attendance is up for Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.  Father's Day is a different story.  I think attendance is up at golf courses. 


Greg Hasseldahl, our principal here at Trinity, sent me an interesting article.  It's written by a woman in her 30's who has not had any children.  She relates that there are many women who won't go to church on Mother's Day because it's just too painful.  In some cases they had a misscarrage, or lost a child to illness, or the child ran away or was abducted.  For them, Mother's Day is a terrible reminder of the hurt and pain.  I'll copy the link at the end of this post. 


The Bible includes examples of many wonderful women, some were mom's, some were not.  Ruth was very faithful.  Mary Magdelene was one of the first witness of the resurrection.  Lydia was very important to the new church and offered her home as the start of a church.  Women continue to be an important part of the church today.


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Prayer Wednesday
2013.04.10 20:25:36

So, I'm thinking that as we start up this new website that each Wednesday the blog will be dedicated to the prayer list at Trinity.  It seems that this list just keeps growing and growing.  But if people need our prayers then we are here to pray for them.  So, here goes the list for this week:

Tamisha Bogert -- She is being treated for cancer and everything seems to be doing well.

Herb Butler -- Seven years ago, Herb was told he has one month to live due to a brain tumor. 

Virginia Douglas -- She has mobility problems due to sever pain in her back.

Ken Fick -- Is being treated for prostrate cancer.

Micah Flick -- Suffers from sleep apnea and hypoventilation (under breathing).

Delores Gerber -- She has severe pain in her legs keeping her pretty much homebound.

Pat Hoffman -- Has difficulty breathing due to several health issues.

Caleb Lillyquist -- This young child has cancer.

Darcy McClure -- Has severe back pain which keeps her homebound most of the time.

Tim Mork -- Has cancer in his back is having survery 4/10.

Lori Nault -- Has cancer.

Fred & Ruth Oertel -- Fred keeps falling and Ruth has a very bad back.

Jenny Pfister -- Continues to recover from stroke in a nursing home.

Hannah Swanson -- Has a severe health issue that that continually requires monitoring.

Tyler Zelko -- Was in a one car accident and was in a coma for a long time and is still recovering from the severe head trauma.


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Welcome to the New Website!
2013.04.09 20:48:51

While it is still a work in progress, we are working to make this website informative and useful for our members and others interested in the church and school. 


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