Join Us

Trinity is a worshipping community. We find our identity in the worship experience where we express to God our thanks and praise and where He serves us by granting us strength, forgiveness of sins and salvation. Worshipping God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is at the heart and center of who we are as Christians. To become a member of Trinity, one should realize that we are committed to worship.

1Attend one of the worship services. After the service, introduce yourself to Pastor Jennings or Pastor Gehne and share that you are interested in membership.


2If you have been confirmed in a Lutheran Church, and have met with one of our pastors, ask for a transfer from your current congregation.

If you have not been confirmed, you will need to enroll in one of our membership classes. They are usually held in the fall and run for eight to twelve weeks.


3After your transfer has been received or after you have been confirmed, one of the pastors will make a motion at the next Church Council or Voter’s Meeting that your application for membership be accepted. After the motion has been accepted you officially become a member.

Once you have become a member at Trinity you will be assigned a mail-slot where you will pick up your bulletin each Sunday. The slots are in alphabetical order near our Geneva Street entrance.

You will also begin to receive offering envelopes at home in the mail. The envelopes are mailed bi-monthly. If you wish to receive envelopes sooner, please contact the church office.


4Worship regularly. We can not stress this enough. We are concerned about your relationship with your Lord. To keep that relationship alive and strong, you need to be regular in worship and in receiving the Lord’s Supper.

If you have not received Holy Communion for a year, and have not worshipped, you may be considered “self-removed” from membership. It is our desire to keep that from happening.

To prevent that, just keep on coming to church. Keep on taking the Lord’s Supper. It’s that simple!

Our prayer and desire is that Trinity will be a blessing to you and your family. And that you will grow closer to your Lord through the power of His Spirit.