If you have trouble watching the service here, search Trinity Lutheran Racine on Youtube.  Also, if you have problems with sound, please try pluging headsets or ear buds into your device.  We are working to update the way we record (video and sound), but with supply shortages new equipment may not be received for a while.  Thank you for your patience.




For some reason there is a problem with the sound at the beginning on the service. But the sound from the sermon on is functional. Sorry for the technical difficulty.


Jubilate Service from 6/6/2021








We didn't know where the mic for the iphone was so this was recorded right from the iphone. It may be easier to hear with ear buds. '

We tried to tape live for the first time and had a technical error so all we have is the sermon. We will be working on the problem for next week. Thanks for understanding.

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